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Our Mission

A Festival for Filmmakers, by Filmmakers.

As a champion of diverse voices and curator of independent stories for the screen, the Cordillera International Film Festival strives to showcase the best in film while providing an environment for emerging and established artists in film and digital media to create and thrive. 

Cordillera brings future filmmakers together with diverse audiences to celebrate the power of storytelling through engaging exhibitions, panels, educational workshops & premieres that enrich and inspire the community.

Our Name

Cordillera (noun) [ cor·dil·le·ra ] : 


The “chain” or “rope” that connects a series of complex, large and wide mountain ranges. The American Cordillera forms the western backbone of North and South America.


Although we are located in base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, found within the American Cordillera, it’s not the only reason we selected our name.  The founders of the CIFF believe that film collectives should act like a Cordillera for filmmakers by connecting them to one another and working hard to provide all the elements that are necessary for the region's film community to grow and flourish. From facilitating sold-out screenings, to informative workshops, great networking events and inspiring future filmmakers, we strive to create an environment that truly celebrates the art of making films and the 

individuals that make them.

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