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Sign-ups now open for our 2023 Film Challenge Day! 

Short Documentary about

Future Filmmakers Foundation

 “A film set is one of the few environments where every child can feel special – whether they want to shine in front of the camera or behind it, we want to be there and inspire them from the beginning. We want to be part of them finding their gift and

their creative voice.”

Emily Skyle-Golden

CIFF Executive Director

FFF Poster FINAL (36 × 24 in) (1).png

Future Filmmakers Foundation

 Kid's Commercial

 “When you ask most filmmakers why they decided to make movies, their reason often starts with a story from their childhood. We're introducing a whole new generation to the power of story telling, while teaching them how to collaborate & work on a team. ”

Emily Skyle-Golden

CIFF Executive Director

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